Beck, Sheet Music Maestro. Who Would Have Guessed?

Radically talented and site favorite musician Beck is releasing his newest album, in December of this year, in an extremely innovative AND disruptive format, or so it would seem: AS SHEET MUSIC.

That's right. Sheet Music Maestro is humbly in awe of Beck's effort to revitalize this format, and feels the need to confer on Beck this site's most revered mantle, which obviously would be Sheet Music Maestro. This article is the main outcome of that; we do not mean to imply that there are additional benefits.

His concept is to allow musicians and fans (and especially those who are both) to create their own versions of his compositions, a chosen bunch which are to be displayed on his and McSweeney's sites. This is really neat, and we will be following to see what comes.

In the meantime, musicians and newly converted sheet music aficionados - if you're looking for some Early American Sheet Music to become inspired by, and make your own, you can find it all right here. The 1890s are big in terms of style - why shouldn't they be big in terms of musical medium?

Bravo Beck!