Celebrate Independence Day with an Early American Patriotic Tune

Sailor and some kind of infantryman standing before a huge American Flag

Want to really impress your family and friends this Fourth of July? Of course you do. Have you considered learning a very authentic early American patriotic song?

Whether you go with a familiar one like Yankee Doodle or the Star Spangled Banner, further afield to the Anthem of Liberty or Keep the Home Fires Burning (Til the Boys Come Home), or even super-far-out with It's a Long, Long Way to Tipperary or The Maple Leaf Forever (wait, what?), your patriotism and musical prowess will surely be remarked upon by your elders, children, and any other friends, neighbors and loved ones who are lucky enough to be in earshot.

The complete list of these and other Early American songs with a patriotic bent here.